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Congratulations on advancing to State Finals!!

We want our OMERS to have the amazing experience of Pin Trading in Georgia! This means that each state set purchased will contain six identical Georgia Odyssey Swans.  During the day of State Finals individuals will have the opportunity to meet new OMERS from around the state as they look for the other tools to complete their Swan Set! A complete set of Swan pins is shown above.

Pin trading is not limited to team members. Traders may also be siblings, coaches, parents, etc. We welcome and encourage everyone to participate. It’s a great way to meet new people and COLLECT THEM ALL!

Coaches of State Finals teams will pick up pre-ordered pins at State Finals Check-In. The coach should place the order here and make ONE payment (via check or online payment) to cover the total cost for the entire team. Pins orders will only be released to the person listed on the order form.

All pin orders must be received, with payment, by April 6th.  All pin orders must be placed on the website and accompanying payment be mailed in or paid online at time of pre-ordering.