Competition Schedule Release Dates

The competition schedule release dates for 2019 are:
North Georgia (tournament date 02/2):
Preliminary Schedule – February 3rd
Final Schedule (locked) – February 10th
Metro Atlanta (tournament date 03/2):
Preliminary Schedule – February 10th
Final Schedule (locked) – February 17th
South Georgia (tournament date 03/23):
Preliminary Schedule – March 3rd
Final Schedule (locked) – March 10th
 Our goal is to release a preliminary schedule 3 weeks before competition. At this time teams should review the schedule, but remember that changes to the schedule may occur during the first week. A Final schedule date has also been provided so that teams will know when changes to the schedule will no longer be made.
Teams with conflicts should have included this information during registration. If there is a scheduling issue, please contact The Scheduling Coordinator by clicking here. The conflicts must be reported ASAP so the scheduler has an opportunity to adjust accordingly.  No changes will be made to the schedule after the Final Schedule has been released.