Spontaneous Workshop – Space still available October 26th

Coaches and competitors,

There is still space available to join our group of experienced volunteers for some spontaneous practice.  This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to competition ready problems and judges.   The problems will challenge all age groups and each problem has a very different set of challenges to solve it.


Spontaneous is a large scoring component and teams that regularly practice solving problems tend to do much better on competition day.   We offer these workshops to help coaches and teams prepare for competition day and the challenges that are ahead of them.

Spontaneous Workshop Registration now available

Simply visit our registration page and navigate to the spontaneous workshop section to learn about the workshops we offer for teams to come and get some practice doing a variety of spontaneous problems before competition.  Registration for the workshops are limited and will be done on a first come first serve basis. In order to reserve a spot, we must have a non-refundable deposit of $48 made via debit card, credit card, or e-check through PayPal. No exceptions will be made.


*Teams may send in a check to cover workshop costs at a later point in time and we will refund the deposit made online through PayPal.  This will allow teams to use school checks and purchase orders.  Keep in mind, we will NOT hold any spots without an immediate deposit made online at the time of registration.


All successful registrations will receive an email from PayPal confirming successful payment made and registration.  



Regional Tournament Registration is live!

Visit the Registration Page in order to get all of the details on how to register your team for a regional tournament in Georgia.   From there, we have a simple 4 step guide to help you get the team completely ready to participate in the 2019-2020 year!

Membership registration is $135 to get your school/organization started. You will receive a copy of all of the problems for this year with the detailed rules and regulations. 

Regional tournament registration fee is $88. This cost will help cover the costs of running the tournament.


New Coaches Workshop

To all new coaches,

  Please come join us and experience a helpful training session of how to deal with a group of kids and guide them to a successful Odyssey season.  We have lots of experienced folks ready to help guide you and your team on its journey through this experience that is Odyssey of the Mind.

We offer a training session that will go through the ins and outs of the program. The training provides in depth information into coaching, dealing with teams, understanding the basics of the program, a guide to layout the year, how a tournament day works, and other questions you might find yourself asking. We’ll be sure to have a Q&A session with the group so everyone can ask and share anything that comes up.  

Register for the workshop


We will be hosting a new coaches workshop on the South Side of the state too!  Join us December 7th at Deerfield-Windsor at 9am in Albany.  

NEW Odyssey Season calendar

The 2020 Odyssey Season is upon us and we are working with locations to schedule all of the wonderful events for the upcoming year.  The calendar is being updated daily with additional events. We still have a regional tournament that we are trying to get settled and lots of workshops.   Feel free to check out the schedule for the 2019-2020 upcoming year and be sure to mark your calendars! We hope to have the calendar complete in the next month.