Metro Atlanta Competition Schedule

The Tentative Metro Atlanta Regional Tournament Competition Schedule is now available located in the tournaments section. Navigate to Tournaments-> Metro Atlanta Regional


Teams with conflicts should have included this information during registration. If there is a scheduling issue, please contact us. The conflicts must be reported ASAP so the scheduler has an opportunity to adjust accordingly.  No changes will be made to the schedule after the Final Schedule has been released on February 8th.



Forms for Competition


 The forms section of our website includes all of the forms a team will need for a regional tournament this year!  With tournaments rapidly approaching, now is the time to start preparing and getting ready.  We even have a whole section located in the Coaches Corner of helpful files for tournament day preparation

Find Forms here:

Tournament Day prep:

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Judges Training

Hello Judges,

Well, it’s time for training.  Saturday, January 25th is the training at Saint Elmo Gifted School in Columbus.  If you are a new judge, we will start check-in at 8:30 with your first session at 9:00.  Check-in for experienced judges starts at 9:30 with your general session at 10:05.  Your session with your problem captain starts at 10:30. We will finish between 2:00 and 2:30; it depends on your problem captain.

Saturday, February 1st is the training at Trickum Middle School in Lilburn.  The schedule will be the same.

Maps to each training site is on the front quick links section of our website,

I will send out another reminder next week before the Trickum training.  If you attend the Saint Elmo training, just ignore the next email.

Step one for check-in is to confirm your information, correct anything wrong, and get your judging assignment.  Proceed to the table with your tournament schedule and check-in with the Board member at the table.  Sign in by your name and collect a problem book. 

Please don’t forget your lunch or snack.  We will not have time to leave for lunch.  Saint Elmo is a new site for us, so I am not sure if we can eat in the classroom or if we must take a scheduled lunch break in the cafeteria as we do at Trickum.

I look forward to seeing you in the near future.  Thank you for volunteering.

Pat Rhodes

State Judging Coordinator

Georgia Odyssey of the Mind    

Spontaneous Workshop – Space still available October 26th

Coaches and competitors,

There is still space available to join our group of experienced volunteers for some spontaneous practice.  This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to competition ready problems and judges.   The problems will challenge all age groups and each problem has a very different set of challenges to solve it.


Spontaneous is a large scoring component and teams that regularly practice solving problems tend to do much better on competition day.   We offer these workshops to help coaches and teams prepare for competition day and the challenges that are ahead of them.

Regional Tournament Registration is live!

Visit the Registration Page in order to get all of the details on how to register your team for a regional tournament in Georgia.   From there, we have a simple 4 step guide to help you get the team completely ready to participate in the 2019-2020 year!

Membership registration is $135 to get your school/organization started. You will receive a copy of all of the problems for this year with the detailed rules and regulations. 

Regional tournament registration fee is $88. This cost will help cover the costs of running the tournament.