Coaches Workshop

Being new to the Odyssey of the Mind program can be very overwhelming, but don't worry! We have all been there! We provide this training for new coaches to introduce the program and show what coaching an Odyssey of the Mind team can be like.  This workshop is your opportunity to talk with other coaches, get tips from our experienced trainers, and learn more about the Odyssey of the Mind program.

The individuals leading the training sessions have 50+ combined years of experience within the Odyssey of the Mind program as participants, coaches, parents, board members, and problem captains. The information they have to share is invaluable. Attending this workshop will enable you to become a more knowledgeable and well-rounded coach. The knowledge you will gain from this training will empower you to become the best coach you can be!

Coaching Basics

How do I get a team together?

How often should we meet?

Long Term

How can I help the team understand the problem?

What should a solution look like?

What paperwork will the team need to bring?

Tournament Day

What does a tournament day look like?

what do I need to bring?


What is it?

How are style forms supposed to be filled out?


What is it?

How can I practice it with my team?

Q & A

Bring any and all questions you may have! All questions are valuable!

Agenda for the Session

We will be starting at 10 am.  Specific details will be released during the week!