in depth workshop

The In-Depth Workshop is a great opportunity for coaches to meet with the Problem Captain in charge of the specific long term problem their team is solving. Each Problem Captain will go over the rules of the problem to help  coaches understand what rules apply to the problem and how these rules will be enforced on competition day.  Coaches will be able to interact with problem captains in a small group setting and get a feel for what the expectations are for a long term solution.   This interaction should help alleviate some of the stress on competition day because coaches will be interacting with the administrator in charge of the competition site and will be able to ask questions about the general problem rules and what happens on competition day.

  It is important to understand that the problem captains may not be able answer all questions. Our Problem Captains are highly trained volunteers who will not answer questions that will provide any guidance on team specific solutions or any other form of outside assistance.  The goal of the workshop is just to discuss and verify the rules along with how competition day will work for the problem without going into any situations where Outside Assistance could occur.  For this reason: We welcome all coaches to attend, absolutely no competitors are allowed.

Session Information