Fessenden Fund

For over 30 years, Jeanne and Chuck Fessenden have worked tirelessly to nurture, support and grow the Georgia Odyssey program tremendously across the state.  The number of team members, coaches, parents and volunteers positively impacted by their selfless dedication is immeasurable. We are grateful for the Fessenden’s dedication to bring Odyssey of the Mind to Georgia and support its growth.


It is with tremendous gratitude that the Georgia OotM Association wishes to honor Jeanne & Chuck for their devotion to Odyssey of the Mind with the creation of the Fessenden Fund.

Inspired by the Fessenden’s drive to provide every student the opportunity to experience the benefits of Odyssey of the Mind, the Fessenden Fund will be utilized for two key purposes:

Senior Scholarship

As Odyssey participates complete their senior year of high school and undertake a new “Long-Term Problem” with many “Spontaneous” challenges, it is hoped that these recipients will continue the Fessenden tradition of support for the Odyssey of the Mind program and its ideals. The Fund will award recipients with gift cards to use as they enter the next stage of their academic career. These awards will be announced during the Odyssey of the Mind season.

Candidates for these awards:

  • Must be an ACTIVE Georgia Odyssey of the Mind team member
  • Must be a student in good standing in their senior year of high school
  • Shall submit a recommendation letter – A letter from an OotM Coach explaining why they feel you deserve the scholarship.  (Limit 1 page)
  • Shall complete an application for consideration and provide a 500 word essay on either:
    • How Odyssey of the Mind has affected me
    • How I hope to use my Odyssey of the Mind experiences to ‘pay-it-forward’


Team Support

There are many teams throughout Georgia who struggle with having sufficient financial resources to participate in Odyssey of the Mind. The Team Support award will be given to teams who demonstrate a need for assistance with Georgia OotM fees and/or materials needed to complete their solution. Out of respect for the recipients, teams who receive these awards WILL NOT be announced. A general announcement about how the Fessenden Fund was able to assist teams will be made at State Finals.

Candidates for these awards:

  • shall submit a brief description of the financial constraints on the team(s)
  • shall describe how the fund can help them participate in the program during the current season



Fund Donors

William and Elaine Abrahamson

Jennifer Allen

Curtis Barber

Linda and Adam King

Brinkley, Jim, Jep, and Seth Pound

Jason, Alex, and Nick Wang

Michael Craig and Family

Amar Chanani and Tiffany Stone

Sam and Cheryl Micklus

Raymond Campbell

Colonel Ronald and Karen West

Clay and Lisa Hackney

Jimmy and Barbara Motos

Barbara Farish

Beth Hendrickson

William and Janie Lee Bullock

Bill and Dianne Teague

Fessenden Family

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kent

Kim Carroll

Diane Karlsson

Office of the District Attorney for Chattahoochee Judicail Circuit

Donate to the Fund

We hope the Odyssey community will embrace this initiative and consider making regular contributions to grow the Fessenden “Pay-it-Forward” Fund each year for the benefit of additional team members and teams each year.


**Please include your contact information with your donation

By Mail

Georgia Odyssey of the Mind

Fessenden 'Pay it Forward' Fund 

1216 W Lakeshore Drive

Dalton, GA 30720


**Make sure you include your contact information so that we can send you a receipt.