Program Goals

  •   Develop creative thinking abilities
  •   Increase student ability to apply known principles and facts to “hands-on” situations.
  •   Improve communication skills.
  •  Learn how to use a creative problem solving process.
  •  Develop and utilize skills of all team members.
  •   Develop and use local resources.
  •   Develop and use research skills.
  •   Exercise and use the higher order thinking and critical thinking skills, especially analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
  •  Have fun while learning all of these very important skills.

Rationale for Participation:

  •   Participation in Odyssey of the Mind provides the student with both cognitive and affective experiences.
  •   Students are challenged to develop their critical thinking potential and their divergent thinking skills through creative problem solving.
  •   They are encouraged to plan, organize and set long-range goals.
  •   During this process, they gain sensitivity and experience with group dynamics.
  •   Learning to take risks allows the students to become more self-confident and independent thus making successes and defeats easier to place in perspective.
  •   Experiences with OotM problems prepare students to solve real-life problems using specific skills and behaviors.