Tournament Updates

1.  Due to current covid conditions, we will not have our Traditional North and South Georgia Regional Tournaments.
2.  What we will have instead is a Virtual Regional Showcase that will include all of our North, South, and Virtual Teams on March 13.

  • Teams participating in the Virtual Regional Showcase must submit their solutions no later than March 13.
  • We will send you submission details in February.
  • All teams will receive scores, but we will not be ranking teams or presenting awards for the Regional Showcase.
  • Problem Captains will have a conversation with coaches either by phone or by Zoom to provide further feedback after the Regional Showcase.
  • All teams who submit a complete solution and participate in Spontaneous will advance to State Finals.
  • We are still planning on a Traditional State Finals and a Virtual State Finals.
  • Traditional State Finals will be at Cherokee Bluff High School/Middle School on April 10.
  • The submission deadline for Virtual State Finals is April 10.
  • Judges training will be in March and will be virtual. Pat Rhodes will be sending details to judges.
  • CCI is still hopeful that they will be able to host a Traditional World Finals, but details are not available at this time.
  • CCI will host a Virtual World Finals with details pending.
  • We will have pin and souvenir sales through our website.
  • Watch for our Unboxing Event on Facebook.

3.  Our Virtual In-Depth Coaches Workshop will be this Saturday, January 30. Problem Captains will send you a Zoom link to your training. The training will last 1 hour.