Judge Registration

  1. Click on the tournament you plan to judge at.
  2. Complete the information.  If you are representing a team, make sure you have the team's membership number, name, and Problem number.
  3. Confirm your email address at the bottom of the page before you click Submit.  Registration is not complete until you click Submit.  You will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive an email confirmation, the registration was not successful or you did not enter the email address correctly.


* If you are judging at a tournament other than the one where the team is competing, please explain in the Comment box.*

*If you plan to judge at multiple Regional tournaments you must register for each.*

*You must judge at a Regional tournament in order to judge at State.*
*If the team you are representing advances to State, you will need to judge at State.  The Judging Coordinator will move your Registration form to the State Tournament list.*